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“In my opinion Andros Island is still one of the best flats fishing venues in the world.”


So why Andros?
Well because, it`s where it all began, with this guy – “Crazy” Charlie Smith. A legend, a gentleman and a saint.

Way back when, in the sixties, Charlie Smith had the inspiration and the right imagination to conceive and innovate, some say invent – the whole concept of catching bonefish on a fly rod, using a shrimp imitation later to be known worldwide, as one of the best bone fish flies, the “Crazy Charlie”. It is a sport that has now, made millions of $`s over the years, and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.



Again, why Andros?
There is no other place in the world like the Grand Bahamas Bank, the flats are literally awesome. They are huge, endless vast and easily accessible and because the Westside is an unspoiled and unique wilderness there is no other place in the world like the Grand Bahamas Bank.  It`s the biggest shallow water sand bank/flat in the world. It is stunning, visually. It is amazing to behold the majesty and wonderful, incredibly beautiful scenery that surrounds you when you break through and bust out onto to the Westside. There is so much wildlife to see, turtles, dolphin and porpoise, rays, sharks, conch, crayfish, peregrine falcons, Iguana, flamingos, and so on.

eddy tarpon

The gulfstream flows through the Straits of Florida and runs north bringing large Tarpon onto the flats into the creeks on the Westside of Andros. There bonefish are numerous and abundant, and easy to find on a good day. I have always seen fish when I have gone out, even on a hard hot day. The flats are still relatively quiet; and vast, so there’s ample room for all. There are plenty of boats and guides and the accommodation is always good. Andros is a great venue for first timers. When the bones shoal up to move off the flats in the autumn, and back again in, after the New Year, they are easy to find and catch in numbers, 10 fish a day pp.

So, it depends, whether you want to fish for big gulfstream Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit on the Westside, or do some easy fun fishing in the bights catching plenty of shoaling bones, or maybe go offshore, Andros is the place to be.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is also an option. The people are so friendly, and helpful, considerate and polite. The community is safe and there is no trouble lurking.

It’s so easy to get comfortable on Andros, you can do what you want, feel free, love yourself, it`s all good. Ain’t no one watching that cares.


Andros Island Bonefish Rep. (Not an Agent)
I don’t get a cut or add a charge.  I represent the clubs and guides independently and for free to promote all of the fishing clubs on Andros and support the community. I have acquired an extensive knowledge in relation to “what`s what, and who`s who” on Andros Island, I am well known and I know all the right and relevant people.

So I would be happy to give advice, and/or assist anyone who would like to start booking a fishing holiday to Andros Island.
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