Instruction | Courses


Casting Instruction: (Pre paid)

  • £120 Whole Day Course
    Three – 2 hour sessions – or;
  • £60 per single session

(single – double or groups up to 4 max)

1st Session:

  • Introduction
  • The Tackle
  • 1st casting instruction: Role cast, getting weight forward to increase casting distance.
  • Practice

*As you progress, I can provide instruction for beginners to practice in preparation for the second session

2nd Session (2 Hours):

  • Assess your improvement and proficiency
  • Instruction in extending casting distance, forward haul
  • Assess progress and provide instruction to practice and preparation for third session

3rd Session (3 Hours):

  • Assess your improvement and proficiency
  • Instruction in double hauling long casts
  • Changing direction of cast, economy of effort, efficiency of movement
  • Advice for first fishing trip: leader/dropper knots, flies, tackle locations and guides


£100.00  Whole Day Course.

£75 Half Day

Dry Fly & Loch style:

  • The tackle
  • Casting from a drifting boat with long leaders and a team of dry flies on droppers
  • Matching hatching flies to fly patterns
  • Tying long leaders with droppers
  • How to drift and locate feeding fish

Fishing Nymphs & Wet Flies:

  • The tackle
  • How to fish wet lines from anchored boat.
  • Fishing intermediate to fast sinking lines at different depths
  • Fishing with lures

Advanced Casting and Saltwater Introduction Course:
One session (3 hours) – £80.00pp

  • Practice and Improve hauling and shooting a long cast with a weight forward shooting head line, quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Casting a 12# rod and line
  • Hauling a long cast into the wind
  • How to follow instruction from bonefish guides

And then you will know:-

“The Way of the peaceful angler, and the Zen of casting a fly with rod and line” – Good luck, good fishing.


Dunc`s first Bonefish run…From Beginner to Bonefish.
“I began Fly fishing with Pete a few years ago.  I had screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-19-33-52never been fishing before, and everything was new to me. Pete taught me how to cast a fly rod for Stillwater Trout, and it wasn’t long before I caught my first trout with him.

I have been fishing with Pete many times since then and I`ve learned a lot and caught some great fish with him. In 2014 we went to Andros Island and fished with Glister Wallace, I caught my first bonefish with a fly rod and had an amazing time.”
(Duncan Netherway)